Transparent and secure chip solutions

Ensuring security takes bold steps and new approaches. It takes courage and determination to make changes, and the more of us there are, the better the results we will achieve.

We have gathered together like-minded individuals to form Tropic Square (TRuly OPen IC), intending to prioritize our security by creating an alternative to off-the-shelf chips.

Let’s work together to make the digital world secure. We invite you to join us in our mission.

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We care deeply about digital security. We believe in the power of open-source. And our vision is to redefine hardware security and make it TRuly OPen.

There’s a reason that companies of every size from many industries turn to open-source when they need to innovate. Transparency, collaboration, and community can improve the future of technology. Mass peer review and global reach have unlocked vast technological potential, achieving what was previously thought to be impossible.

Traditional closed-source chip design is not doing enough to satisfy the security requirements for applications in the current digital age, and it’s definitely not good enough for the future.

Is a transparent, auditable chip possible? We think so. The chip industry needs to change to provide the security that the world needs. And we’re fearless enough to do it.

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Join us on the journey of the evolution from closed-source chip design to a fully transparent and auditable solution.

Tropic Square leads the way

Our video reveals exactly why everyone needs an open, auditable IC.

We have a bold vision and challenging work ahead of us, but this is not a selfish exercise; it is what we believe, and hopefully, others will soon realize that this is necessary and inevitable.

We are going to leverage other projects, not reinvent the wheel, and we invite you to be part of this journey.

Modus operandi

Use Cases

Do you see the need for a transparent chip solution as we do, because NDA restrictions are unacceptable for you?

Tell us more about your use case. Now is the time to influence the design.

Do you want to improve the security of your devices, and to not rely on close sourced hardware solutions, where you are not able to verify the level of protection?

Are you interested in a technological project that will significantly impact the whole industry, or do you want to invest and be a part of it?


Chip Design

As there is no suitable off-the-shelf solution we can audit, we have to create one.

Imagine a RISC-V based microcontroller, designed with a strong focus on transparent security in mind.

A controller that is not only the fundamental Root of Trust component.

  • Secure boot
  • Dual-Core secure processing
  • Monotonic counters
  • PUF based key provisioning

Physical Security

The resilience to attack is a relative measure. It is always a function of time, cost, and motivation.

We know that every system can be hacked with the right amount of money, equipment, time, and knowledge, but our goal is to make it as difficult as possible.

Imagine raising the bar in countermeasures for physical attacks?

We are going to look at

  • Increasing resistance with advanced packaging
  • Anti-tamper and tamper-evident packaging



TASSIC Block diagram

The Transparent Authenticated Secure Storage Integrated Circuit, TASSIC in short, is the first custom chip (ASIC) we are working on at Tropic Square.

TASSIC is a minimalistic implementation of fundamental functionality - secure storage and associated cryptography to securely store digital data.

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Tropic Square team

Evzen Englberth

Evzen Englberth

CEO & Co-founder

Jan Pleskac

Jan Pleskac


Marek Palatinus

Marek Palatinus

Co-founder & advisor

Pavol Rusnak

Pavol Rusnak

Co-founder & advisor

The Tropic Journey

  • timeline

    2017-2019 First ideas about custom open chip

    During the Trezor development at SatoshiLabs, it become clear that we need auditable IC.

  • timeline

    January 2020 Do not trust, verify!

    The SatoshiLabs philosophy was confirmed: the security solution available on the market is not sufficient. Trust is not enough; deep verification is necessary. So we agreed to go our own way.

  • timeline

    March 2020 Tropic Square was founded

    We gathered together like-minded people and started a company. Our ambitious plan is to make an open-source, auditable custom chip.

  • September 2020 TASSIC

    The Transparent Authenticated Secure Storage IC. General MCU companion chip, I2C/SPI attached co-processor, for transformation of low entropy code to high entropy data suitable for cryptographic operations.

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Our mission is going to be challenging, but very well worth the effort for a lot of different industries.

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